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Who Are We?

We are your Time Does The Talking staff, here to serve you however we can :-) Actually, we are just a bunch of fans like you, upset over the fact that our favorite singer had no real ultimate web page (She does now though and I take care of updating that one as well). We created this site so that you could always be up to date on what's going on with Patty and to answer any questions you might possibly have. On to the introductions!

Jen - site owner, web designer, maintenance, programming, etc.
Jan - The Janitor - discography, setlists, reviews, overall maintenance.
DB - industry expert, guitar champion, all-around troublemaker.


Support this Page

I (Jen) am paying for this site out of my own pocket. It's running me a few hundred bucks a year and doesn't even have all the functionality I want it to have. However, it has all that I can afford. If you like this site here are a few ways that you can help support it. Money collected in these ways will go to improving this site. So if you like what we do here and you want it to be around for a while then here's what you can do:

On the Discography page there are links to Amazon. If you buy anything from Amazon after clicking on these links then this site will get 6% of your total purchase. It doesn't sound like a lot but it'll add up! You don't have to buy the CD's I have specifically linked to either, anything you buy within 2 hours of clicking this link will get the money to us! So next time you are buying cd's come here first :-) Please!!!!

If you don't want to support this site monetarily then there are a ton of other ways you can help! Wanna know more? We need what you have!!!
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Basically we need any Patty stuff that you have and we don't :-) So please help keep this site as accurate as possible by submitting relevant info to Jen.


Random Site Facts

  • The first piece of this site was uploaded to Jen's personal site to help attract a staff on November 11, 2001.
  • By November 14, 2001 I had enlisted Rachel and Kate to help on my mission and paid for the domain name and server.
  • November 29, 2001 I contacted Jeff to help with the Media page. An immediate reply told me he was in. I also had a good amount of the site created and uploaded to with a disclaimer that anyone who managed to find us should keep our secret till we were ready for the public.
  • January 1, 2001: hopefully we will unveil the site on this day.
  • February 2, 2002: Site actually went public on this day. 02.02.02 Kind of cool.... :-)
  • October 9, 2005: Relaunched the upgraded discussion forum as well as the new interactive bio with sound clips, quotes, and photos.


There are a ton of people that I need to thank because without them, this page would be far from complete and barely be possible. Mike Connell, for running the mad-mission list since 1998 and creating an amazing forum for all of us Patty fans. Also, for allowing me to use information from his site, Watch Her Fly. Jerry Zigmont, for allowing me to use all of the content from his Flaming Red website. Jerry has been a plethora of information and helpfulness and I will always be greatful to him. Kate and Rachel for joining this site and contributing all of their wonderful content from the Guitar and Lyric Archive sites. Thanks to Sanders for being a mentor and storage donator and everything else. He's been an amazing resource to making sure that our site is ready for the future and accessible to all!

Thanks to John Higgins for his help with the bio and keeping the trading of rare Patty tunes going strong. Thanks to Jess Barton for designing our page headers.